• Arrival and airport transfer (from Brindisi airport only) 

  • Lunch 

  • Walk in Nardò and dinner out


  • Breakfast

  • Self-care package making (coffee scrub soap; toothpaste; deo; mosquito spray; soap)

  • Lunch

  • Pasta di mandorla workshop

  • Dinner

DAY 3 - Easter day

  • Breakfast

  • Walk in Torre Uluzzo and picking of wild fennel 

  • Easter Lunch

  • Free time

  • Liqueur making and tasting 

  • Light dinner/aperitivo


  • Breakfast

  • Explanation of grafting, exploring the aia garden

  • Walk in torre mozza picking nettle/dandellion

  • Picnic in torre mozza

  • Jam making 

  • Dinner 


  • Breakfast

  • Walk in porto selvaggio and frisa

  • Lunch at the beach (frisa)

  • Pasta making workshop

  • Dinner with the pasta (two sauces; side dishes; aperitivo of cheeses)


  • Honey harvesting/visit of a masseria

  • Walk in Lecce

  • Dinner out in Lecce


  • Breakfast

  • Cycling tour on ciclovia

  • Lunch (panini)

  • Polpette night 

DAY 8 

  • Breakfast

  • Departure and transfers to the airport (to Brindisi airport only)

The Activities

The activities offered during your week stay will take you into a dual journey. On one side, you will discover Salento, its history and natural resources through the eyes of two locals. On the other side, you will dive into a sustainable household, learning how to make self care products on your own, eating fresh products that come from local producers, learning traditional recipes, experiencing the agricultural environment around The Aia and picking seasonal herbs. 

Self-care products

We will prepare together some products for self-care, such as deodorant, skin scrub, mosquito spray, toothpaste. We will make them together and you will be able to use them during your stay or take them home with you.

Hiking in Torre Uluzzo

We will discover together the natural park close to the Aia, observing the plants from the Mediterranean scrub and enjoying breathtaking views of the sea. 

Walk in Torre Mozza

We will discover the history of a house in Santa Caterina, and explore the land around looking for ingredients for our meals. Here we will learn about the settlements that were established for the refugees during the Second World War fleeing from the concentration camps. 

Hiking in Porto Selvaggio

We will walk through the park of Porto Selvaggio, discovering its history and reaching the beautiful beach of the bay.

Biking on Ciclovia

We will bike along the newly established bike path, Ciclovia dell’acquedotto, which follows the Apulian aqueduct that begins as far as the region of Campania. Here we will discover the history of this massive project and its future development.  

Visit of historical center of Lecce

We will walk through the historical center of Lecce, admiring its baroque architectures and its Roman history. Lecce at dusk: can’t beat it! 

Visit of historical center of Nardò

We will walk through the historical center of Nardò, discovering its history, tiny allies and inner beauties. Listening and maybe learning some dialect along the way. 

Honey Making

We will visit a honey producer who will disclose the secrets of these tiny and hardworking animals.

Cooking classes 

You will have the chance not only to taste the traditional dishes of the area but also learn the secrets of the preparation of some of them. 

Pasta di Mandorla 

We will prepare together the traditional dessert for Easter lunch, the lamb-shaped almond and sugar pastry, filled with jam. Yummy!

Handmade pasta

We will make together the typical pasta shapes of Salento: orecchiette, michiareddhi and sagne torte for a special dinner which we will of course share together. 

Liqueur making 

Liqueurs are a very traditional product here drank after meals. They are made from different herbs and fruits, and depending on the season families choose which kind they will make. We will do exactly the same, of course depending on the season. 

Jam making

Jams are a healthy sweet treat that can be used in many different ways. They are made basically with all fruits and berries you can imagine. We will make together a seasonal jam, based on a grandma’s recipe, learning the secrets to take home with you. 

Polpette day (our favorite)

Together we will make  different types of polpette, from meat to vegetables, get ready to get your hands dirty!

Final Notes

And that’s a wrap. You will take home a sample of the products we will make together (except the ones to be eaten on the spot). Activities might vary from the original program according to the availability of the ingredients, weather conditions and other variables.