The Activities

The activities offered during your week stay will take you into a dual journey. On one side, you will discover Salento, its history and natural resources through the eyes of two locals. On the other side, you will dive into a sustainable household, learning how to make self care products on your own, eating fresh products that come from local producers, learning traditional recipes, experiencing the agricultural environment around The Aia and picking seasonal herbs. 


Self-care products

We will prepare together some products for self-care, such as deodorant, skin scrub, mosquito spray, toothpaste. We will make them together and you will be able to use them during your stay or take them home with you.

Hiking in Torre Uluzzo

We will discover together the natural park close to the Aia, observing the plants from the Mediterranean scrub and enjoying breathtaking views of the sea.

Walk in Torre Mozza

We will discover the history of a house in Santa Caterina, and explore the land around looking for ingredients for our meals. Here we will learn about the settlements that were established for the refugees during the Second World War fleeing from the concentration camps.