Southern Italy Holidays: 5 lifesaving tips for your next travels

Forget about Rome, Florence, Venice, Cinque Terre and Milan; if you want to taste a bite of the real flavor of Italy, you should definitely head to the southern regions of the world’s most famous boot.

From Campania to Puglia, Calabria, and Sicily: your southern Italy holidays will be just unforgettable.

There is something about the people from the south that can’t be explained by words.


Maybe it is because of the weather, which is warm and sunny all year long, or maybe it is because of the very slow lifestyle of this are, or even because of the incredible quantity of food that people eat — going out for dinner is considered a national sport in this area… whatever the reason might be, there is something about the South that makes it just so special.

Our bed and breakfast At The Aia is located in the heart of Salento, in the stunning region of Puglia, which was declared the most beautiful region in the world by National Geographic.

Surrounded by hectares of beautiful Italian olive trees, At The Aia is a charming villa in Puglia where to disconnect and reconnect with mother earth and your own self.

We are all about helping our guests to make the most out of their experience in the most respectful and sustainable possible way.

Our bed and breakfast features 7 rooms, all with private bathroom and a door that goes to our beautiful garden.

We host regular events and retreats. From the aperitivo in our terrace to events such as yoga retreats, wellness weeks, or even sustainable weeks where our guests have the possibility to explore the beauty of the environment around us in a sustainable way, as well as learn how to make their own beauty care products, and even participate into cooking classes where to learn how to cook some of the yummiest local recipes.

If you are getting ready to spend your next trip to Italy exploring the southern regions of the country, you should take a few minutes to read these easy but very helpful lifesaving tips for your next vacations.

1. It is always a good time to eat


Italians just love food, this is a fact. And how could they not love it? Food in Italy is just so incredibly tasty that they have invented the tradition of going our to grab something to eat… before actually eating!

Have you ever heard about the word “aperitivo”? It is a very popular social habit of having a pre-meal drink and finger food which are meant to inspire your belly to be even more hungry when it comes to actually eating a main meal.

It is something similar to the most common happy hour, but it is more than that. It is an art of food selection that is not supposed to replace the main meal that is waiting for you.

You will be probably feel like exploding for having way too much food on your first or second aperitivo, but don’t worry; it is all a matter of exercise.

Keep eating as much as souther Italians do and in no time you will be just like a local.

2. The kissing dilemma

If Italians can be labeled as warm people, Souther Italians are veeeery warm people!

When it comes to greeting someone get ready to kiss and to be kissed!

Although it maybe a little bit challenging at the beginning — when should I kiss? How many kisses should I give? Which cheek should I kiss first? — you will get easily used to it as you will be performing the kissing art every time you are meeting a friend or even a friend of a friend.

3. Men and women can be dangerously sexy

Ay, ay, ay! With their dark features, tanned skin and expressive eyes, men and women in the south of Italy can be extremely dangerous.

They are the quintessence of all the cliches we have been watching on TV; incredibly sexy and incredibly determined in seducing you in every possible way.

Be careful, you might end up falling in love and moving to the south!

4. If somebody invites you to their home, don’t you dare say no!

Southern Italians are very warm and hospitable. They will do everything in their power to make sure that you are having a good time while visiting their region. And if you are not, they will take it personal!

Get ready to say yes every time they will invite you to their home to meet the grandma, the great-grandma and the great-great-grandma!

5Prepare your belly to eat at very odd times

Dinner time in southern Italian regions can be pretty crazy, especially during summer time.

The weather is hot and people love to stay on the beach until late… and by the time they go back home, take a shower, and get ready, it is already 10pm!! Don’t be surprised if your Italian friends will invite you for dinner at odd times like 10 or even 11pm.

Heading to Puglia? Come visit us At The Aia, our oasis of peace in the heart of Salento!

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