Yoga and its benefits: 50 surprising positive effects

Listed as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, there are hundreds and hundreds of people who are practicing yoga on a daily basis.

From New York to Vancouver, passing through Milan, Sydney, Mexico City, Cape Town, and Hong Kong, all the way down to the southern Italian region of Salento, everybody is practicing their best ohm.

Within the last few years the whole world has embraced this ancient Indian practice, but what are the reasons that turned it into such a popular practice? And what are the real benefits of yoga asanas?

Yoga seems to be the answer to all problems: from back pain to insomnia, passing though loosing weight, finding inner peace and building self confidence.

Can this practice be so incredibly powerful?

Well, the answer to this question is: YES!

Here At The Aia we LOVE YOGA and we truly believe in the power of yoga.

Surrounded by hectares of green vegetation, our beautiful villa in Puglia is the perfect place where to enjoy some yoga time.

We regularly host yoga retreats for those who wish to disconnect and reconnect, take care of their mind, body, and soul and experience a real wellness retreat.

But how can one single practice lead to so many physical and psychological effects?

The relationship between health and yoga has been proven by a number of doctors, scientists, and health specialists from all over the world.

Yoga is incredibly powerful not only because it represents a great way to exercise the body and detoxify the organism, but it is also a great exercise to keep you present in the here and now.

Modern society has become way too stressful and it is essential to find a way to release stress and emotions in order to establish your inner balance. An incredibly powerful yoga effect is indeed the capacity of finding the power of now.


Here comes a list of health benefits of yoga that you probably didn’t know about.

  1. Improves quality of life

  2. Increases physical strength

  3. Reduces mental stress and physical tension

  4. Helps weight loss

  5. Reduces insomnia and sleeping problems

  6. Heals inflamed muscles, tissue and joints

  7. Reduces anxiety

  8. Improves intuition

  9. Enhances balance and mobility

  10. Helps regulating blood glucose levels

  11. Helps minimizing migraines

  12. Improves personal relationships with family members, fiends and coworkers

  13. Improves the capacity of dealing with stressful situations

  14. Betters your posture and body health

  15. Opens up energetic channels

  16. Boosts the immune system

  17. Enhances fertility

  18. Boosts cardiovascular benefits

  19. Helps fighting rheumatoid arthritis

  20. Enhances body flexibility

  21. Helps fighting depressing states

  22. Boosts your body metabolism

  23. Makes you feel better

  24. Helps building self-confidence

  25. Enhances your sense of gratitude

  26. Boosts sex life

  27. Increases pain tolerance

  28. Helps stimulating the detoxification process within the body

  29. Boosts body and mental energy

  30. Helps preventing constipation

  31. Boosts your personal body awareness

  32. Helps achieving better control of the body

  33. Creates a positive mind-body connection

  34. Increases mind concentration and motivation

  35. Brings calmness and inner peace

  36. Promotes a strong lymphatic system

  37. Helps reducing levels of triglycerides

  38. Increases the level of red blood cells in the body

  39. Enhances a better muscle tone

  40. Improves eye-hand coordination

  41. Encourages insuline production

  42. Helps controlling some side effects of menopause

  43. Provides more lung rooms for better breathing

  44. Helps your body to stay drug-free

  45. Introduce you to a healthy lifestyle

  46. Supports the connective tissue

  47. Lowes risks of heart diseases

  48. Helps sharpening the memory

  49. Helps preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

  50. Reduces the pain of PMS

These are just some of the several advantages of yoga.

Practicing yoga everyday or just a couple of times a week can better your life on so many different levels.

Whether you are an experienced yogi or you are about to unroll your mat for the very first time, indulge yourself with a yoga retreat in Puglia and come and join us At The Aia.

Our professional staff, along with the beauty of the best Puglia beaches and villages will help you living a truly unforgettable experience.


Giulia Stasi